Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gettin my Train on!!

WOOT WOOT! So Ive started biking to work on the days where I'll get out earlier on the minuteman bike path (15 miles in and 15 miles out, not a bad day) and it feels awesome! Ive also just finished reading this booooooooooooook "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall which makes me want to live off of a diet consisting of various corn products (not the processed corn products like our American diet gives us), lime juice, and pureed chia seeds, while at the same time running like an ultra-marathoner in new Vibram 5-fingers. After reading it Ive noticed a lot of people (specifically 3) running in the Vibrams or in their bare feet ( a central theme of the book is running in your bare feet is evolutionarily better for your body) and its been making me wonder why I dont go out and do crazy stuff like run in barefeet, practice Kung fu in parks, or dress up in a full body lycra spandex suit and walk around a busy mall attracting attention. I like to do that stuff, and Im the happiest when Im making a fool of myself doing that kind of stuff....I need to do that stuff......ok psychologist blogger is now over with (for this post).

Ive reached my fundraising goals, Ive hit my training goals, but I still need to hit my sweat equity, probably something I should have done a long time ago haha. After that its just getting the rest of the gear I need and Im ready for my trip across ERMURICA and my search for mythical creatures. Hopefully my tangents and rants make some kind of sense, but now Ive run out of material (and time at the library computers bound by a 45 minute session time) and am hungry for a banana. Jub Jub...

PS - I just used 6 pairs of parenthesis...thats impressive
PPS - I have discovered a new mytological creature known as the Irrcenraat, which are invisible sprite creatures that punish people for breaking the rules of the Alaskan tundra (pretty cool right...7 parenthesis).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chariot Problems

Hey Mortals, its me Thor.
Sittin here on my comp writing to you guys because Im stranded right now in Burlington Massachusetts, (way far away from my personal kingdom of Bilskirner) a quiet suburban community known for its mall featured in the cosmically bad movie Mall Cop. Its strange being the God of Thunder and being stuck in such a small town, but theres nothing I can do about it now seeing as my Chariot broke down yesterday.
On the way back from work, where I work with a dashing young pup named Travis Bettinson, who seems to be getting his training for bike and build back in order, my chariot goat Tanngrisnir fell into a pothole causing my other goat Tanngnjostre to fall sideways and break his leg. Poor goats... Anyways I called AAA and had them bring the chariot back to father Odins place in Asgard.
So now you know why I, the God of Thunder, am sitting here in Burlington Ma, throwing Mjollnir against a cardboard target for practice, while drinking a Stone Ruination IPA...delicious.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long time no post. (Guess im not too good at this blogging thing). Been working my ass off since graduation from good ol JWU, just started at "Chez Henri" a Cuban/French fusion restaurant in Harvard Square Cambridge Ma, come check us out, were a historical 6 time best of boston winning restaurant (not to brag, but its kind of an institution *looks down and polishes fingernails on fine silk shirt*). You may be asking "what does this have to do with bike and build Trav"? Well the reason I say this is because its getting in the way of training!! But not to fear oh questioning one, my prayers may have been answered, Im getting a Bike Charlie Card!! This allows me to bike to the T station from my house and lock my bike up in a nice, tight, secure, cage away from all those would be theives. Anyways, Ive exhausted my vocabulary for the day...

On a side note.....I did meet a mythical creature the other day...shes a goddess, but im not sure which one yet. Could be Aphrodite, could be Athena, maybe Demeter. Either way....definitely a goddess, and should be treated like one.

On a second and less interesting side next post might be written from the point of view of a Mythological character....just to spice (caraway) things up a bit.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Well this is officially my first post of the blog! Thanks for coming to check it out. As most of you know, or are very soon finding out, this blog is mostly about the B & B (Bike and Build) experience I'll be having this summer. A couple days ago Mark, who seems like the most personable man on the planet, sent out a mass group email that really sparked a giant converstaion between the group tackling the MOST important subjects such as disney movies, food and bev (yerp!!), and general biking recommendations. I gatta say, Im pretty damn excited to meet these people in person!

Unfortunately no sightings of Mythical creatures today. Thought I saw a dragon but it just turned out to be a tall redhead angrily cussing out a student.....the search continues!!